The Legends of the Jews -Vol. 4

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Extended description - Rabbi Louis Ginzberg was one of the outstanding Talmudists of the twentieth century. He was born on November 28 1873 in Kovno Lithuania; he died on November 11 1953 .

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The Legends of the Jews -Vol. 4Rabbi Louis Ginzberg was one of the outstanding Talmudists of the twentieth century. He was born on November 28 1873 in Kovno Lithuania; he died on November 11 1953 .

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Audio Titles

Play Item # 1

I. JOSHUA - The Servant of Moses - Entering the Promised Land—Conquest of the Land—The Sun Obeys Joshua—War with the Armenians—Allotment of the Land.

Play Item # 2

II. THE JUDGES, PART 1 - The First Judge—Campaigns of KenaS—Othniel—Boaz and Ruth

Play Item # 3

II. THE JUDGES, PART 2 - Deborah—Gideon—Jephthah—Samson—The Crime of the Benjamites.

Play Item # 4

III. SAMUEL AND SAUL - Elkanah and Hannah—The Youth of Samuel—Eli and His Sons—The Activities of Samuel—The Reign of Saul—The Court of Saul.

Play Item # 5

IV. DAVID, PART 1 - David's Birth and Descent—Anointed King—Encounter with Goliath—Pursued by Saul—Wars—Ahithophel—Joab

Play Item # 6

IV. DAVID, PART 2 - David's Piety and His Sin—Absalom's Rebellion—David's Atonement—Visitations—The Death of David—David in Paradise—The Family of David—His Tomb.

Play Item # 7

V. SOLOMON, PART 1 - Solomon Punishes Joab—The Marriage of Solomon—His Wisdom

Play Item # 8

V. SOLOMON, PART 2 - The Queen of Sheba—Solomon Master of the Demons—The Building of the Temple—The Throne of Solomon

Play Item # 9

V. SOLOMON, PART 3 – The Hippodrome—Lessons in Humility—Asmodeus—Solomon as Beggar—The Court of Solomon.

Play Item # 10

VI. JUDAH AND ISRAEL - The Division of the Kingdom—Jeroboam—The Two Ahijabs—Asa—Jehoshaphat and Ahab—Jezebel—Joram of Israel.

Play Item # 11

VII. ELIJAH, PART 1 - Elijah before His Translation—After His Translation

Play Item # 12

VII. ELIJAH, PART 2 - Censor and Avenger—Intercourse with the Sages

Play Item # 13

VII. ELIJAH, PART 3 - God's Justice Vindicated—Elijah and the Angel of Death—Teacher of the Kabbalah—Forerunner of the Messiah.

Play Item # 14

VIII. ELISHA AND JONAH - Elisha the Disciple of Elijah—The Shunammite—Gehazi—The Flight of Jonah-Jonah in the Whale—The Repentance of Nineveh.

Play Item # 15

IX. THE LATER KINGS OF JUDAH, PART 1 - Joash—Three Great Prophets—The Two Kingdoms Chastised—Hezekjah

Play Item # 16

IX. THE LATER KINGS OF JUDAH, PART 2 - Miracles Wrought for Hezekiah—Manasseh—Josiah and His Successors.

Play Item # 17

X. THE EXILE, PART 1 - Zedekiah—Jeremiah—Nebuchadnezzar—The Capture of Jerusalem

Play Item # 18

X. THE EXILE, PART 2 – The Great Lament—Jeremiah's Journey to Babylon—Transportation of the Captives—The Sons of Moses—Ebedmelech—The Temple Vessels

Play Item # 19

X. THE EXILE, PART 3 - Baruch—The Tombs of Baruch and Ezekie1—Daniel—The Three Men in the Furnace—Ezekiel Revives the Dead—Nebuchadnezzar a Beast—Hiram—The False Prophets—Daniel's Piety.

Play Item # 20

XI. THE RETURN OF THE CAPTIVITY - Belshazzar's Feast—Daniel under the Persian Kings—The Grave of Daniel—Zerubbabel—Ezra—The Men of the Great Assembly.

Play Item # 21

XII. ESTHER, PART 1 - The Feast for the Grandees—The Festivities in Shushan—Vashti's Banquet—The Fate of Vashti—The Follies of Ahasuerus—Mordecai

Play Item # 22

XII. ESTHER, PART 2 - Esther's Beauty and Piety—The Conspiracy, Haman the Jew-baiter—Mordecai's Pride

Play Item # 23

XII. ESTHER, PART 3 - Casting the Lots—The Denunciation of the Jews - The Decree of Annihilation

Play Item # 24

XII. ESTHER, PART 4 – Satan Indicts the Jews—The Dream of Mordecai Fulfilled—The Prayer of Esther - Esther Intercedes

Play Item # 25

XII. ESTHER, PART 5 - The Disturbed Night—The Fall of Haman—The Edict of the King.


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