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Extended description - 284 fables on a wide range of subjects, written by the famous author Aesop.

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Aesop's Fables284 fables on a wide range of subjects, written by the famous author Aesop.

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Audio Titles

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The fox and the grapes ; The goose that laid the golden egg ; The cat and the mice ; The mischievous dog ; The charcoal-burner and the fuller ; The mice in council ; The bat and the weasels ; The dog and the sow ; The fox and the crow ; The horse and the groom ; The wolf and the lamb ; The peacock and the crane ; The cat and the birds ; The spendthrift and the swallow ; The old woman and the doctor ; The moon and her mother.

Play Item # 3

Mercury and the woodsman ; The ass, the fox and the lion ; The lion and the mouse ; The crow and the pitcher ; The boys and the frogs ; The north wind and the sun ; The mistress and her servants ; The goods and the ills ; The hares and the frogs ; The fox and the stork ; The wolf in sheep’s clothing ; The stag in the ox-stall ; The milkmaid and her pail ; The dolphins, the whales, and the sprat ; The fox and the monkey

Play Item # 4

The ass and the lap-dog ; The fir-tree and the bramble ; The frog’s complaint against the sun ; The dog, the cock, and the fox ; The gnat and the bull ; The bear and the travellers ; The slave and the lion ; The flea and the man ; The bee and Jupiter ; The oak and the reeds ; The blind man and the cub ; The boy and the snails ; The apes and the two travellers ; The ass and his burdens ; The shepherd's boy and the wolf

Play Item # 5

The fox and the goat ; The fisherman and the sprat ; The boasting traveller ; The crab and his mother ; The ass and his shadow ; The farmer and his sons ; The dog and the cook ; The monkey as king ; The thieves and the cock ; The farmer and fortune ; Jupiter and the monkey ; Father and sons ; The lamp ; The owl and the birds ; The ass in the lion’s skin

Play Item # 6

The she-goats and their beards ; The old lion ; The boy bathing ; The quack frog ; The swollen fox ; The mouse, the frog, and the hawk ; The boy and the nettles ; The pheasant and the apple-tree ; The jackdaw and the pigeons ; Jupiter and the tortoise ; The dog in the manger ; The two bags ; The oxen and axletrees ; The boy and the filberts ; The frogs asking for a king

Play Item # 7

The olive-tree and the fig-tree ; The lion and the boar ; The walnut-tree ; The man and the lion ; the tortoise and the eagle ; the kid on the housetop ; The fox without a tail ; The vain jackdaw ; The traveller and his dog ; The shipwrecked man and the sea ; The wild boar and the fox ; Mercury and the sculptor ; The fawn and his mother ; The fox and the lion ; The eagle and his captor

Play Item # 8

The blacksmith and his dog ; The stag at the pool ; The dog and the shadow ; Mercury and the tradesmen ; The mice and the weasels ; The peacock and Juno ; The bear and the fox ; The ass and the old peasant ; The ox and the frog ; The man and the image ; Hercules and the Waggoner ; The pomegranate, the apple-tree, and the bramble ; The lion, the bear, and the fox ; The blackamoor ; The two soldiers and the robber

Play Item # 9

The lion and the wild ass ; The man and the satyr ; The image-seller ; The eagle and the arrow ; The rich man and the tanner ; The wolf, the mother, and her child ; The old woman the wine jar ; The lioness and the vixen ; The viper and the file ; The cat and the cock ; The hare and the tortoise ; The soldier and his horse ; The oxen and the butchers ; The wolf and the lion ; The sheep, the wolf, and the stag ; The lion and the three bulls

Play Item # 10

The horse and his rider ; The goat and the vine ; The two pots ; The old hound ; The clown and the countryman ; The lark and the farmer ; The lion and the ass ; The prophet ; The hound and the hare ; The lion, the mouse, and the fox ; The trumpeter taken prisoner ; The wolf and the crane ; The eagle, the cat, and the wild sow ; The wolf and the sheep ; The tunny-fish and the dolphin

Play Item # 11

The three tradesmen ; The mouse and the bull ; The hare and the hound ; The town mouse and the country mouse ; The lion and the bull ; The wolf, the fox, and the ape ; The eagle and the cocks ; The escaped jackdaw ; The farmer and the fox ; Venus and the cat ; The crow and the swan ; The stag with one eye ; The fly and the draught mule ; The cock and the jewel ; The wolf and the shepherd

Play Item # 12

The farmer and the stork ; The charger and the miller ; The grasshopper and the owl ; The grasshopper and the ants ; The farmer and the viper ; The two frogs ; The cobbler turned doctor ; The ass, the cock, and the lion ; The belly and the members ; The bald man and the fly ; The ass and the wolf ; The monkey and the camel ; The sick man and the doctor ; The travellers and the plane-tree ; The flea and the ox

Play Item # 13

The birds, the beasts, and the bat ; The man and his two sweethearts ; The eagle, the jackdaw, and the shepherd ; The wolf and the boy ; The miller, his son, and their ass ; The stag and the vine ; The lamb chased by a wolf ; The archer and the lion ; The wolf and the goat ; The sick stag ; The ass and the mule ; Brother and sister ; The heifer and the ox ; The kingdom of the lion ; The ass and his driver

Play Item # 14

The lion and the hare ; The wolves and the dogs ; The bull and the calf ; The trees and the axe ; The astronomer ; The labourer and the snake ; The cage-bird and the bat, The ass and his purchaser ; The kid and the wolf ; The debtor and his sow ; The bald huntsman ; The herdsman and the lost bull ; The mule ; The hound and the fox ; The father and his daughters

Play Item # 15

The thief and the innkeeper ; The pack-ass and the wild ass ; The ass and his masters ; The pack-ass, the wild ass, and the lion ; The ant ; The frogs and the well ; The crab and the fox ; The fox and the grasshopper ; The farmer, his boy, and the rooks ; The ass and the dog ; The ass carrying the image ; The Athenian and the Theban ; The goatherd and the goat ; The sheep and the dog ; The shepherd and the wolf

Play Item # 16

The lion, Jupiter, and the elephant ; The pig and the sheep ; The gardener and his dog ; The rivers and the sea ; The lion in love ; The bee-keeper ; The wolf and the horse ; The bat, the bramble, and the seagull ; The dog and the wolf ; The wasp and the snake ; The eagle and the beetle ; The fowler and the lark ; The fisherman piping ; The weasel and the man ; The ploughman, the ass, and the ox

Play Item # 17

Demades and his fable ; The monkey and the dolphin ; The crow and the snake ; The dogs and the fox ; The nightingale and the hawk ; The rose and amaranth ; The man, the horse, the ox, and the dog ; The wolves, the sheep, and the ram ; The swan ; The snake and Jupiter ; The wolf and his shadow ; The ploughman and the wolf ; Mercury and the man bitten by an ant ; The wily lion ; The parrot and the cat

Play Item # 18

The stag and the lion ; The imposter ; The dogs and the hides ; The lion, the fox, and the ass ; The fowler, the partridge, and the cock ; The gnat and the lion ; The farmer and his dogs ; The eagle and the fox ; The butcher and his customers ; Hercules and Minerva ; The fox who served a lion ; The quack doctor ; The lion, the wolf, and the fox ; Hercules and Plutus ; The fox and the leopard

Play Item # 19

The fox and the hedgehog ; The crow and the raven ; The witch ; The old man and death ; The miser ; The foxes and the river ; The horse and the stag ; The fox and the bramble ; The fox and the snake ; The lion, the fox, and the stag ; The man who lost his spade ; The partridge and the fowler ; The runaway slave ; The hunter and the woodsman ; The serpent and the eagle

Play Item # 20

The rogue and the oracle ; The horse and the ass ; The dog chasing a wolf ; Grief and his due ; The hawk, the kite, and the pigeons ; The woman and the farmer ; Prometheus and the making of man ; The swallow and the crow ; The hunter and the horseman ; The goatherd and the wild goats ; The nightingale and the swallow ; The traveller and fortune


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