Black Beauty

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Extended description - Black Beauty is Anna Sewell

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Black BeautyBlack Beauty is Anna Sewell

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Audio Titles

Play Item # 1

Chapter 01 – My Early Home

Play Item # 2

Chapter 02 – The Hunt

Play Item # 3

Chapter 03 – My Breaking In

Play Item # 4

Chapter 04 – Birtwick Park

Play Item # 5

Chapter 05 – A Fair Start

Play Item # 6

Chapter 06 – Liberty

Play Item # 7

Chapter 07 – Ginger

Play Item # 8

Chapter 08 – Ginger’s Story Continued

Play Item # 9

Chapter 09 – Merrylegs

Play Item # 10

Chapter 10 – A Talk in the Orchard

Play Item # 11

Chapter 11 – Plain Speaking

Play Item # 12

Chapter 12 – A Stormy Day

Play Item # 13

Chapter 13 – The Devil’s Trade Mark

Play Item # 14

Chapter 14 – James Howard

Play Item # 15

Chapter 15 – The Old Hostler

Play Item # 16

Chapter 16 – The Fire

Play Item # 17

Chapter 17 – John Manly’s Talk

Play Item # 18

Chapter 18 – Going for the Doctor

Play Item # 19

Chapter 19 – Only Ignorance

Play Item # 20

Chapter 20 – Joe Green

Play Item # 21

Chapter 21 – The Parting

Play Item # 22

Chapter 22 – Earlshall

Play Item # 23

Chapter 23 – A Strike for Liberty

Play Item # 24

Chapter 24 – The Lady Anne, or a Runaway Horse

Play Item # 25

Chapter 25 – Reuben Smith

Play Item # 26

Chapter 26 – How It Ended

Play Item # 27

Chapter 27 – Ruined and Going Downhill

Play Item # 28

Chapter 28 – A Job Horse and His Drivers

Play Item # 29

Chapter 29 – Cockneys

Play Item # 30

Chapter 30 – A Thief

Play Item # 31

Chapter 31 – A Humbug

Play Item # 32

Chapter 32 – A Horse Fair

Play Item # 33

Chapter 33 – A London Cab Horse

Play Item # 34

Chapter 34 – An Old War Horse

Play Item # 35

Chapter 35 – Jerry Barker

Play Item # 36

Chapter 36 – The Sunday Cab

Play Item # 37

Chapter 37 – The Golden Rule

Play Item # 38

Chapter 38 – Dolly and a Real Gentleman

Play Item # 39

Chapter 39 – Seedy Sam

Play Item # 40

Chapter 40 – Poor Ginger

Play Item # 41

Chapter 41 – The Butcher

Play Item # 42

Chapter 42 – The Election

Play Item # 43

Chapter 43 – A Friend in Need

Play Item # 44

Chapter 44 – Old Captain and His Successor

Play Item # 45

Chapter 45 – Jerry

Play Item # 46

Chapter 46 – Jakes and the Lady

Play Item # 47

Chapter 47 – Hard Times

Play Item # 48

Chapter 48 – Farmer Thoroughgood and His Grandson Willie

Play Item # 49

Chapter 49 – My Last Home


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