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Extended description - Naturalis Historia Latin for Natural History is an encyclopedia published circa AD 77-79 by Pliny the Elder. It is one of the largest single works to have survived from...

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The Natural History Vol.5Naturalis Historia Latin for Natural History is an encyclopedia published circa AD 77-79 by Pliny the Elder. It is one of the largest single works to have survived from...

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Audio Titles

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Book 21, Chapters 1-9:<i></i> The nature of flowers and garlands; garlands and chaplets; who invented the art of making garlands;the severity of the ancients in relation to chaplets; authors who have written on flowers.

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Book 21, Chapters 10-21: The rose, twelve varieties of it; the lily, four varieties of it; the narcissus, three varieties of it; violets; the caltha; the scopa regia; the bacchar; saffron; the nature of odours; the iris; the saliunca; the polium.

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Book 21, Chapters 22-40: Fabrics which rival the colours of flowers; the amaranth; the cyanos; the petilium; the chrysocome; shrubs; the melothron and origanum; trefoil; thyme; conyza; the flower of Jove; plants in which the branches and roots are odoriferous; the adonium; the amaracum; where the melilote is found; the spring flowers; the summer flowers; the duration of life in the various kinds of flowers.

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Book 21, Chapters 41-59: Plants which should be sown among flowers for bees; the maladies of bees; the food of bees; poisoned honey; maddening honey; honey that flies will not touch; beehives; the best kind of wax; plants which grow spontaneously; the colocasia; plants which are always in flower; the cnecos; plants of a prickly nature; the nettle; the cactos.

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Book 21, Chapters 60-71: Plants classified according to their leaves; the various kinds of eared plants; the lappa; the chondrylla; plants which blossom three times in a year; the asphodel or royal spear; six varieties of the rush; the cyperos.

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Book 21, Chapters 72-109: Ten remedies derived from the sweet-scented rush; remedies derived from the flowers before mentioned; twenty-one remedies derived from the lilly; sixteen remedies derived from the narcissus; seventeen remedies derived from the violet; eight remedies derived from asarum; eight remedies derived from gallic nard; twenty remedies derived from saffron; forty-one remedies derived from the iris; thirteen remedies derived from the melilote; four remedies derived from trefoil;ten remedies derived from the anemone;summary; authors quoted.

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Book 22, Chapters 1-15: Properties of plants; plants used for adornment; plants for dyeing;the grass crown; remedies derived from other chaplet plants;the erynge; the acanos; the nettle, sixty-one remedies.

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Book 22, Chapters 16-32: The Lamium, seven remedies; the scorpio; the leucacantha; the chamaeleon; the anchusa; the pseudoanchusa; the onochilon; the lotus-plant, four remedies; the heliotropium; the picris; the asphodel.

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Book 22, Chapters 33-49: The Halimon, fourteen remedies; the acanthus; the bupleuron; the buprestis; the scandix; the caucalis; the scolymos or limonia; the condrion; mushrooms, peculiarities of their growth; fungi; silphium.

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Book 22, Chapters 50-56: Propolis, five remedies; influences of aliments upon the disposition; hydromel, eighteen remedies; honied wine, six remedies; wax, eight remedies.

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Book 22, Chapters 57-82: Remedies derived from grain; various kinds of meal; polenta, eight remedies; fine flour; millet; sesame; barley; bread, twenty one remedies; beans; lentils; chickpeas; lupine; summary; authors quoted.

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Book 23, Chapters 1-18: Remedies derived from cultivated trees; the vine; omphacium; oenanthe; grapes; grape-stones; raisins; the labrusca or wild-vine; the white-vine; the black-vine; must.

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Book 23, Chapters 19-33: Particulars relative to wine; surrentine wines; falernian wines; setine wines; other wines; sixty-one observations relative to wine; in what maladies wine should be administered; artificial wines; vinegar; oxymeli; lees of wine; lees of vinegar; lees of sapa.

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Book 23, Chapters 34-50: The leaves of the olive; the blossom of the olive; white olives; black olives; amurca of olives; omphacium; oil of oenanthe; castor oil; oil of almonds; oil of laurel;oil of citrus; oil of walnuts; oil of balsamum; malobathrum; oil of sesame; elaeomeli.

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Book 23, Chapters 51-65: The palm; remedies derived from various trees; six observations upon apples; twenty-two observations upon quinces; sweet apples; sour apples; citrus; pomegranates; balaustium; the wild pomegranate; pears; figs; the herb erineon.

Play Item # 16

Book 23, Chapters 66-83: Plums; peaches; mulberries; cherries; pine-nuts; almonds; Greek nuts; walnuts; hazelnuts; carobs; the laurel; myrtle; the wild myrtle; summary; authors quoted.

Play Item # 17

Book 24, Chapters 1-21: The antipathiers and sympathies among trees and plants; the lotus of Italy; acorns; mistletoe; the cork-tree; the beech; the cyprus; the cedar; galbanum; storax; the terebinth; the pithc-tree and the lark; the pityusa.

Play Item # 18

Book 24, Chapters 22-43: Resins; pitch; pissasphaltos; the torch-tree; the lentisk; the ash; the maple; the poplar; the elm; the linden tree; the elder; the juniper; the willow; the broom; the myrica; the blood red shrub.

Play Item # 19

Book 24, Chapters 44-63: The siler; the alder; several varieties of the ivy; the reed; the papyrus; the ebony; the rhododendron; the rhus; rosemary; selago.

Play Item # 20

Book 24, Chapters 64-90: Gum; the white thorn; gum acacia; asphalatos; the yew; the bramble; the rhamnos; lycium; oporice; the chamelaea; the clinopodium; the clematis.

Play Item # 21

Book 24, Chapters 91-120: Different opinions on the dracontium; the aron; the dracunculum; the millefolium; the myrrha; the aproxis; the woolplant; the stratiotes; the plant called Venus comb; gramen; dactylos; summary; authors quoted.

Play Item # 22

Book 25, Chapters 1-7: When the wild plants were first brought into use; Latin authors; Greek authors; plants, the medicinal properties of which have been miraculously discovered; names of persons who have discovered famous plants.

Play Item # 23

Book 25, Chapters 8-25: Moly; the paeonia; the panaces; hyoscyamos; linozostis; millefolium; hellebore.

Play Item # 24

Book 25, Chapters 26-49: The mithridatia; the polemonia; centaurion; clymenus; gentian; artemisia or ambrosia; nymphaea; plantago; buglossos; buphthalmos; plants that have been discovered by certain nations; the cantabrica; the iberis.

Play Item # 25

Book 25, Chapters 50-74: Plants which have been discovered by certain animals; dogplant; dictamnon; the emplyment of these plants for injuries inflicted by serpents; the argemonic; agaria; verbenaca; blattaria; lemonium; quinquefolium; daucus; persolata; cyclaminos; peucedanum; the phlomys.

Play Item # 26

Book 25, Chapters 75-90: The scorpio; the phrynion; the alisma; remedies against certain poisons; euclea; pericarpum; remedies for diseases of the head; hyssop; psyllion.

Play Item # 27

Book 25, Chapters 91-110: Remedies for diseases of the eyes; mandragora; hemlock; molybdaena; capnos; acoron; cotyledon; remedies for diseases of the teeth; acanthis; ephemeron; labrum venereum; remedial preparations for offensive breath; summary; authors quoted.


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